Hidden amongst the recent Apple announcements of new iPhones, iPads and Apple TV was a small mention of a new Android app that allows Android users to transfer settings to their new iPhone.


The latest handset figures show that in the 12 months to June 2015 Apple sold globally 222 million handsets (up 35%) to Samsung’s 310 million handsets (down 6.9%). In the UK alone, apple increased it’s market share to 38% whilst Android fell to 53%. Apple’s efforts to woo Android users appears to be working.

Yet will the new features in the iPhone 6S/6S+ attract even more Android users? Well, according to Gadgette there is very little new technology in the latest Apple devices. The iPad Pro follows the Microsoft Surface; the new Apple TV follows the Amazon Fire TV Stick; the Rose Gold colour was announced last week for the Huawei Mate S; multi-touch also announced as Force Touch by Huawei; 4K video recording was available on the Sony Experia Z4 in 2014; Live Photos is similar to the Blackberry Time Shift and Nokia Living Images.

But despite this, something is drawing more and more new users to Apple.