Vegan Passport

The Vegan Passport app will take the original book format and make it more accessible to users and easier to update by the Vegan Society.

Beamish Transport

The Beamish Transport app is an internal app for transporter drivers who pick up and deliver vehicles all around the country.

Durham Business Club

The Durham Business Club app provides information on news, events, offers and benefits for business club members.

Infinity Cycles

The Infinity Cycles app allows Infinity/Cube customers to have the essential information at their fingertips as well as the latest news. It also provides customers with details of the services provided by DMA Law.

Client Marketing

The Client Marketing app will show the services and training courses that Client Marketing provide and allow clients to keep up to date with Simon’s latest news.


The FPA app allows members to keep up to date with news and events as well as access to a full member list and glossary of industry terms.

Julie Twist Counselling

The Julie Twist Counselling app will provide thoughts on a number of common topics and allow clients to keep up to date with Julie’s latest news.