A vet app will include useful advice and tips to help users care for their pets. It will also include a diary section where entries can be added to remind owners of certain events. For example, when their dog’s last routine health check was.


An electrician app will include information on services offered, useful tips and also a reviews section where customers can leave feedback.


A hairdresser app will include a style ideas section where customers can get ideas for their next haircut. It will also include in app special offers.

Garden Centre

A garden centre app will include a product catalogue where customers can view what are sold there, it will also include in app discounts.


A photographer app will include a gallery section where potential customers can view their past work. It will also include tips for anyone wanting to improve their own photography skills.[/fusion_text


A charity app will include current news, links to the charity’s events and information about donating with a direct link to a donate page.

Driving School

A driving school app will include useful driving tips to help learner drivers and also a theory practice section with questions and answers.


A dentist app will include useful information on taking care of your teeth and the treatments that are offered at a dental practice.


A restaurant app will show typical menus and contact information. It will also feature in app special offers.


A hotel app will feature images and information on the types of rooms offered. It will also show any menus that the hotel may have.


A florist app will include guides on what flowers to buy for particular occasions.

Coffee Shop

A coffee shop app will include typical menus and could also include in app discounts and loyalty cards.


A solicitor app will allow a solicitors to detail the services that they provide along with the key members of staff.


A gym app will show class schedules, include tips for workouts and dietary requirements and could also include in app discounts.