We are available for onsite and offsite Xamarin consultancy. Do you need an extra Xamarin consulting expert resource on a project or maybe just need someone to help you design and kick start a Xamarin mobile project?

We have over three years of experience of Xamarin development as Xamarin certified engineers and over 10 years C# development experience. We have built around 20 apps for clients both small and enterprise and can guide you through all the stages of app development.

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We can help you with:

  • Design of mobile apps
  • Design and layout of a Xamarin solution in Visual Studio following MVVM including shared projects, libraries, unit testing and device specific projects
  • Interaction with external sources (data APIs and devices)
  • Page navigation and Content layout
  • Using plugins and native phone features such as camera and geolocation
  • Custom renderers
  • Skype / remote assistance as a project progresses
  • App distribution for testing
  • App store registration and submission

Onsite consultancy: £500/day + VAT + any travel/accommodation costs

Offsite consultancy: £400/day + VAT

Offsite adhoc assistance: £75/hour + VAT

Contact us for longer projects to check availability.

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