We provide UK Xamarin Training for individuals and corporate groups. If you are a C# developer then Xamarin is the quickest and easiest route to get into mobile programming. You can develop for Windows Phone, Android devices and iOS (iPhone / iPad) devices all from the comfort of your Visual Studio using your favourite programming language C#.

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We provide Xamarin Training for individuals and corporate groups at a variety of skill levels from complete mobile newbie to experienced developers. Our courses can last a day or several days with the emphasis on practical experience that leaves you with the ability to continue on your own.

Course Content

Course content will be tailored to meet the needs of the client but a selection of the topics may include

Introduction to using Xamarin

  • Overview of Xamarin
  • Setting up Xamarin Visual Studio on a PC and a Mac for development
  • Beginners MVVM design
  • Structure of a Xamarin solution including shared projects vs PCL, unit testing, libraries, individual device projects
  • Build and test your first Xamarin mobile application
  • Using the simulators and real devices for testing


Introduction to Xamarin Forms

  • Xamarin Forms controls: pages, layouts, views, cells
  • Navigation
  • Simple tap handling
  • UI development in C#
  • UI development in XAML
  • Data binding
  • Simple phone features: calling, emailing, viewing a web page
  • Consuming APIs in a data driven app

Advanced Topics

  • Building and publishing an app
  • Creating resources: icons, splash screens, background images
  • Backgrounding
  • Using plugins
  • Maps and Geolocation
  • Camera
  • Persistence
  • Xamarin Messaging
  • Xamarin Timers
  • Custom renderers


We can provide training for individuals and groups either at our offices in Durham or at another UK location. You must provide your own laptop and pay your own accommodation / travel costs.

About the Trainer

Our training is led by a Xamarin Certified Developer and former Durham University Computer Science Lecturer with over three years Xamarin development experience and over 10 years C# experience.

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